Our Tuition Assistance Program

The Saxton Group believes in the power of education, employee development, and the investment in our Company’s future leaders. No matter your position in our Company, the value we see in you is eternal and TSG Tomorrow is designed with you in mind.

About the Program

TSG Tomorrow will reimburse you the cost of your tuition and textbooks, up to the maximum annual reimbursement amount based on your position. The reimbursement will occur after your course has been successfully completed.


All The Saxton Group employees are eligible to participate, and must meet the following criteria:

Year minimum service

Minimum average hours worked per week

during prior 12-month measurement period

Maintained average hours worked per week

during the applicable school semester



Annual Maximum

Program Maximum

Team Member
Corporate Office Intern
Shift Manager



Assistant Manager



General Manager
Regional Director
Corporate Office Staff



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